Our vision of UCLA Anderson is that it is a place where you can make things happen. Anything that you can imagine, you can obtain and realize. The school isn’t a magical place that grants wishes, but it is a community of driven individuals with a strong sense of determination and passion. UCLA Anderson isn’t a place where you just dream, it’s a place where your dreams become you.

///About Dance And Spirit Club

David Duong , FEMBA ’15 (Writer/Producer/Actor)

EA Mobile, Strategic Marketing Manager

Kevin Cordova, UCLA ’08 (Director, Camera, Writer)

Apple Genius and Freelance DJ

Anthony Pangan, UCLA ’06 (Director of Photography, Camera, Editor, Writer)

Psyop Server Engineer and Freelance DJ

Giovanni Silvestre (Sound)

Music Producer and Freelance DJ

Julie Park, FEMBA ’15 (Producer)

Tealium Inc., PR Manager

DSC is a super team stronger than 10,000 dying suns. Birthed from the parking lots of UCLA, the members of DSC vowed to be Thunder Buddies forever. They enjoy music, dance, champagne showers, snorkeling and barbeques. Although each on their own career path; music, dance and giving people a laugh binds them together. Who are we? DSC!