Charlie Chaplin was ahead of his time and like all great leaders he thought in the next.

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Sridhar Ranganath (Writer/Director/Editor)

Work: Senior Financial Analyst
Goal: To start a company that does capital management with profits going back to the community and trying to foster this mentality for companies world-wide.

Jimmy Yueng FEMBA ’14 – submitting student


Dusty as ‘DUSTY’ the dog as Charlie’s Boss
Tobias Santiago as Charlie Chaplin
Hannah Harper as Marylin Monroe: 20th Century Fox
Larissa Benedek as Patricia Tart: US Navy
Jimmy Yeung as Alex: US Navy
Pithawat Tan Vachiramon as himself
Aryan Rashidi as Marky Zucker: Facebook
Sridhar Ranganath(SAM) – Writer/Director/Editor